How To Lose Weight And Tighten Up Your Face To Look Thinner And Younger

lose weight in face There are plenty of strategies for losing fat around the stomach, getting those six pack abs that everyone is talking about. Same with fat on the hips, or thighs, but not very many people talk about trimming up the face, and that’s the part of you that everyone sees.

Even if you have a completely thin, trim, and muscular body, if you have a chubby, round face with some fat joules, people will perceive you as being fat, it’s what they see. There are some methods that can reduce facial fat, let’s take a look at some now.

The First Thing To Do Is Lower Your Overall Body Fat

One of the first places that fat deposits come to rest is the face. Therefore, losing weight can drop a significant amount of fat off of your face.

Lowering your body fat level, even if you don’t lose the weight you desire, is just as good if not better. Aim for about 15% to 18% body fat and you should see your double chin go and your cheek bones show. If you can lose weight and reduce body fat at the same time, all the better.

Take A Diuretic To Reduce Salt Levels In The Body

Some of the fat look on your face may actually be the result of swelling caused by having too much salt in your system.

Try to get your daily salt intake down to about 1,500 mg. and take a diuretic to help your body get rid of the excess you already have.

You’ll notice the difference in your hands as well, your wedding ring will become looser and your hands will get thinner fairly quickly as your face thins out as well.

Drinking Extra Water Helps Remove Toxins

When you have too many toxins, waste salts, and other excess chemicals in your body it then stores extra water in the fat cells.

By drinking more water you dilute the toxins and chemicals and your body removes them in your kidneys. You’ll notice the bags under your eyes get smaller, your fingers are thinner and you’ll feel better too.

If your urine is still yellow and foaming, you haven’t drunk enough water yet to complete the job. This needs to be maintained on a daily basis, drink a large glass first thing in the morning when you awaken.

Exercises For Specific Areas Of Your Face

There are . which will tighten each muscle of your face. They can be done twice per day until you’re satisfied with your chin or cheeks, then once per day afterwards. It should only take a few minutes to do these, in front of the mirror at first, then at your desk, while driving or whenever you have the time is fine.

Many times what people perceive as fat on their face is merely loose skin and muscles that just need to be worked out like any other muscle in the body.

You’ll be surprised if you combine this technique with losing weight, cutting back on salt, taking a diuretic, and increasing the water intake daily, how fast your face will recover that youthful chiseled look you’re seeking.

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